About Us

Just a Kidney

Driven by first hand experience, CEO Marcelle Chaffin understands Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients' needs and the current barriers that result in long wait times for kidney transplants - less than 20% of the waitlist, annually, find a match and undergo a kidney transplant. Chaffin is passionate about making the process better and the pool of Living Kidney Donor resources greater as she has been going through the process herself.

Her husband Ed has been waiting for 4 years for a kidney transplant and together they have been inside the system experiencing the impact that 4 years of his dialysis treatment has had on their family - physically, mentally and financially.

Her Just a Kidney concept brings a new solution to the process of connecting Living Kidney Donors and Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients by providing a social networking platform dedicated to finding potential matches through a qualified community.

The goal for Just a Kidney is to raise awareness of the need for more Living Kidney Donors and a platform for Waitlisted Kidney Transplant Recipients to tell their story! Just a Kidney will facilitate connections, not matches with the intent of offering an ample pool of potential resources in one easy to use friendly place to foster greater matching potential.